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June 22, 2012

Year 8 – Burbage Brook Fieldwork

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Year 8 Fieldwork to study the characteristics of Burbage Brook and how these change with distance downstream

Now that Year 8 have all spent a happy day measuring various aspects of the Burbage Brook and its valley, having fun splashing around in their wellies, “falling in by accident” and filming each other doing so, we would like to record some of the days’ events…

So…Year 8 – you will first need to edit your groups’ video footage.

Your teacher will have uploaded your video (and any still shots you also took using the camera function) to a folder on RM Shared Documents, under Geography Pictures.  Look for the folder with your form name on it.


Windows Movie Maker has been installed on each of the computers for you to edit your video footage.

If you need help or extra support with how to use this software, watch the following tutorial:

Movie Maker Video Editing Tutorial

Or follow these steps from a PDF file. (Win XP version)

Remember – the aim is to produce a 5 minute instructional video on the methods that you used to measure downstream characteristics of the river.  It should be suitable to show to next years’ Year 8 as a tutorial in one of their lessons preparing for the field trip.

Once you have done this, you should save your film clip to a USB memory stick. Your teacher will upload it to this blog for all to enjoy!

Finally, please add your comments to our blog: (as a group or individually)

What did you enjoy about the fieldwork day and what do you feel you have learnt from it?

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